lunedì 11 maggio 2015

Diversamente Speleo 2014 - Buso della Rana

And finally it's ready the final version of the short film that documents the extraordinary experience for over one hundred cavers coming from half part of Italy.
All gathered at Buso della Rana in July last year to give the joys of caving to those who struggle every day with the problems related to disability.
But the best thing was to find out how well do themselves the "give" something to others, understand that our daily problems are crap compared to what these people have to face every day. We all learned to better appreciate the little things in life and to establish that there are no barriers that can not be torn down; with the will, all you can do.
Inside backstage it emerges in all its aspects, the great fun that reigned during this wonderful day. Teo Turci has taught us that a person, just because it is a disability, should not be treated differently from any other. Too much respect to them makes them feel really different, while teasing and jokes, as you normally do between friends, they are the best medicine to make them feel a bit 'better.
Read all about this event in our previous article.
Sandro Sedran

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