South-West Slovenija Caves vol.1

New photo-guide book coming in 2018

Author: Sandro Sedran

Photos: S-Team

Around 30 caves: 20 for experienced cavers, 10 easy for everyone

Text Language: english (suitable for cavers from all the world)

Format: 16,8 x 24 cm

Exit: mid 2018

Estimated price for printed book: 25€
Estimated price for e-book: 15€

For every cave you will find a lot of pictures, car and walk approaching, map, description and a complete equipment sheet (ropes, carabiners, etc.)

Slovenija is a caver’s paradise. It’s southest region, Notranskja, include the most famous cave in the world: Postojna.
Caves of this book are located more at South, near the border with Croatia and Italy; it include substantially two types of caves:
- sinkholes, with active streams that goes inside
- semi-fossil caves, full filled of any type of concretions.
This is only free selection from the longest and more interesting caves  located in this zone,very far from to be a complete guide of the carsic phenomena of this area.

This guide will be self-produced, so it wil be printed only on-demand.

Book your copy, without obligation, writing an email to the author:
speleosan (at) gmail (dot) com
This will help to schedule the printing of the first group of books.

Some of the caves that you will find inside:

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