New photo-guide book 2018

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Author: Sandro Sedran

Photos: S-Team

28 caves: 19 for experienced cavers, 9 easy for everyone

Text Language: italian or english

Format: 16,8 x 24 cm

Pages: 368

Exit: october 2018 italian print, november 2018 english print and e-book

Price for printed book: 25€ + shipping fees
Price for e-book: 15€

This is a publication entirely developed, managed, produced and distributed by the author.
The book WILL NOT BE FOUND IN THE LIBRARY! Contact the author for info.

For every cave you will find a lot of pictures, car and walk approaching, description and a complete equipment sheet (ropes, carabiners, etc.).
It's a guide with caves for cavers, but there are also 9 caves that can be done also by hikers.

Slovenija is a caver’s paradise. It’s southest region, Notranskja, include the most famous caves in the world: Postojna and Skocjan.
Caves of this book are located more at South, near the border with Croatia and Italy; it include substantially two types of caves:
- sinkholes, with active streams that goes inside
- semi-fossil caves, full filled of any type of concretions.
This is only free selection from the longest and more interesting caves  located in this zone,very far from to be a complete guide of the carsic phenomena of this area.

How to order your copy? Write an email to the author:
speleosan (at) gmail (dot) com
and indicate your mail address.

Book review:
Descent 268 Jun-Jul 2019 (United Kingdom)
Speleologia 81 Jul 2019 (Italy)
Il Piccolo 12 Jan 2020 (Italy)

These will be the contents of the guide:
  • The author
  • S-Team
  • Presentation
  • Guidelines for caving in Slovenija
       Speleological Associations of Slovenija
       Legal Aspect, Cave Diving, Ethical Aspect
       Permit for Independent Caving
       Cave Rescue Service
       Check List for a Cave Visit
  • 28 Cave Sheets
    download the sheet of example Golokratna Jama: ITA or ENG

Location of the caves:

All the caves that you will find inside:
Click here to download the public maps (CGEB storic archive, found inside publications or from author)

Book updates

26 Polina Peč
In summer 2018 the cave was closed by a gate due to nature protection. To organize a visit contact ZRSVN, OE Nova Gorica Tel. +386 05 330 53 10.

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