sabato 23 maggio 2015


We meet at our usual bar in Basovizza on a very raining day without a decision about what cave to visit during this two-days slovenian tour. Absolutely excluded the sinkholes, caves with long open-sky pit, too much long walks to reach the entrance and short caves, our choose gone to Medvedjak. Ten minutes walk, one chilometer long and only five meters of the entrance pit under the rain.
Mauro take with him a tarpaulin so the others can wait out the rain while he and Irena fit out the ropes, two parallel descents. Who don't know this cave will be impressed, because after first ten meters, the pit open itself over a big galleries thirty meters high and twenty large.

Left: entrance pit - Right: big stalagmite with bottom partially exploded is inclined to left

To the right of the pit

Part at right of the pit is a large tunnel fully filled with any kind of concreptions that close after 200m. Left part is instead a very big tunnel 300m long where you advance in the absolutely black looking only where you headlamp can arrive. A great stalagmite has the bottom partially exploded over it's weight.
A dig at the right of a concreptional filling allow to continue before to stop in front of great depression at the crossing of two galleries. Front gallery is high, little nice but with a very muddy floor. Left gallery allow to visit a worderful large area filled with gours on the floor: spectacular.
When we come back out, fortunately the rain stop and weather will come to better; tomorrow we can go inside a cave with water, the Markov Spodmol.

The very relaxed today's S-Team (from left): 
Mario, Massi, Gian, Donato, Alberto, Irena, San, Mauro, Simo

Naturally conclusion is with legs under a table and all of us eat the tipical soup "yota" full of beans and cabbage: there will be a lot of smell problems this night when we'll sleep all together inside a room at the Ociski Rai Hostel!

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