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SloJame, book review from UK magazine Descent

We had the honour to have a review of our book inside the famous U.K. caving magazine Descent nr. 268 Jun-Jul 2019

SLOJAME was produced to fill a gap in the knowledge available to the cavìng world about the caves of south-west Slovenia. Twenty-eight caves are listed, with detailed directions to each site, the equipment needed, a descripti.on of the route, an approximate trip time and any necessary contacts for access. The caves have been chosen for beìng well known, for their length or for their beauty. Each descrìption is accompanied by several excellent photographs, some full-page. ln fact, the photos are the main features of the guide.

To go cavìng Ìn Slovenia, you are required to hold a caving 'licence' from the Slovenian environmental Agency. The author has included instructions on how to obtain one of these, taken from a Slovenian Caving Association booklet Caving in Slovenia and Croatia.

Unfortunately no surveys of the caves are included, which the author admits is a sore poìnt, but he does say that some of the surveys can be found on the S-Team website (which also has images of some of the pages from the book). Although the list of caves is accompanied by a map (which has no north shown, and could be bigger), none of the caves shown on it are identified.
Thus, using the book alone to find out which caves are near the place where you are staying is longwinded. However, an interactive map is also avaìlable online (wìth other useful material), which provides cave names and details such as the locations of places to stay.

The text has been translated from ltalian to English using Google Translate, because the author could not afford a commercial translation. He apologises for the qualìty of the translation, which is tolerable, but it could be better. Surely the author could have found a native English speaker to correct it, for a few favours?

On the whole, this is an excellent effort to produce a guide to some wonderful caves. By publishing an English version (as well as ltalian, and a Kindle digital version), the author has widened the scope of his audience, Compare this with the many French guidebooks that are only available in French.

To obtain a copy, visit the website at and request a price from the author (postage to the UK was quoted as €8.50).

Joe Duxbury

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  1. Some are suitable for hikers (9), others (19) are only for cavers. This is only free selection from the longest and more interesting caves located in this zone,very far from to be a complete guide of the carsic phenomena of this area.

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