domenica 14 giugno 2015

Ponikve v Odolini

Today we done the only right thing to do: leaving bad weather in Italy and going inside a beautiful slovenian cave.
This is one of the many ponor located to the left of the road that connect Trieste with Rijeka and have a spectacular first pit of 40m.

The cave isn't too much long: only a little bit over 300m with a series of pit spaced with clean and muddy-less galleries until to reach the small spaces of the final siphon.

Today the little river was dry, but sometimes it's impressive the amount of water that goes inside. Entrance pit have many way to descent and we done the farthest from the fall that is practicable also with a good quantity of water.

Today's S-Team, from left: Gianni, Irena, Simona, Mauro, Enrico, Edo, Andrea, San

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