domenica 24 maggio 2015

Markov Spodmol: the recognition

We gone! Everyone who visit this cave said it's one of the most beautiful and funniest cave never seen and now we can confirm this!
It's a swallow hole that become active only with exceptional quantity of rain. In past it "drunk" al lot of water because floor, walls and also ceilings are covered from scallops. Rock is very dark and only the limestone dissolved inside the water give some brigthness on the floor and on the concreptions block you can find along the cave.
Fun becomes because it's a one chilometer long sub-horizontal cave with a lot of lakes. If you wear diving suit you have fun, otherwise you will have only cold!
Only few pictures were done because we had our led-lights discharges. Sandro could only take in mind what are best places where to take pictures next time we'll visit this cave.

Today's S-Team: Massi, Irena, Mauro, Fulvio, Gian, San. Behind: Alberto, Simo, Donato

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