sabato 16 maggio 2015


Today we went inside a small, but very nice, cave of  Berici Mountains, located along the beautiful Mills Valley, near Fimon (Vicenza).
Someone say it's one of the most beautiful of this mount group. For this reason, after its discover and first photographic session, the discover caving group closed the small entrance so anyone could go inside to damage it. Someone tell also that the GPS coordinates were volountary writed incorrect.
Naturally other cavers would like to visit this cave, also because they feel not right this kind of selfish "preservation". Some years ago the entrance was found and the cave become visitable again.
We have the lucky to have Enri as friend, one of these cavers, so we could arrange a new visit to make a new photographic session.

The small entrance is partially closed by rocks and brances to avoid animal's entrance. After open it, Enri gone inside with his small and funny dog Pedro, its first time inside a cave. There is about ten meters where to crawl and a shot narrow at the end. After that you are inside a room 30 meters long, 3-5 high and 10 large; there are a lot of concreptions that come down from a white ceiling. The white of ceiling and walls have a great contrast with the brown color of the muddy floor.

Upon the stalactites there was a lot of  chironomids covered by dorps of moisture. Sandro had only the wide angle len on his camera, so he taken the picture from long distance to have the right focus. Here a man with his macro len could take a great shot.

Today's S-Team: San, Carlo, Marco, Simo, Enri with Pedro, Noemi

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